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TIME CAPSULE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2012!!!!!!!!!   
01:24am 11/05/2012
mood: hyper
"NOthing would make me happier, Stelth" Says Tyler from across the table. "yoga position that starts with T and is 4 letters?" he says. "This will be the most interesting post ever", says Betzi.
Well guys here it is. I posted after 10 years. I am going to use this as my "E-Time Capsule"
This was a Survey I found from exactly 10 years ago.. lets see how things have changed... ten years... IN PARENTHESES

Are you Hetero-/Homo-/Bi-sexual?: Im heterosexual .... (UHHHH)
Are you in love?:I think I am, but its a young love... ( OLD LOVE, OVER IT)
Are you in a relationship?:YES (YES)
Are you a virgin?: YES (THIS WAS A LIE)
Have you gotten your first kiss?: (YES)
Do you have a crush?: Jessssssssica..... NO. WEIRD
Do you enjoy being in love/having a crush?: LOVE IT (STILL LOVE IT)
What form of birth control do/would you use?: Cilantro (BIRTH CONTROL?)
How far have you gone with a "lover"?: "lover" nunnayo business (MOST THINGS INVOLVING CELLOPHANE)
Would/did you have sex before marriage?: NO (LIE, AND ALSO YES)
Do you believe in hookups (sexual relations without emotion)?: deffenetly not (YES, I WAS A LITTLE SHIT WASN'T I)
Have you ever had a hookup?: never. (WHAT WAS I 16?)
Is there a difference between a crush and being in love?: certainly (YES)
Do you believe in love at first sight?: lust at first sight... infatuation (YES)
Do you believe in true love?: I dunno (STILL DON'T KNOW)
Can long-distance relationships work?: NO (WHOA, SHOULDA REREAD THIS, NO)
Have you ever had a long-distance relationship?: yes (SO MANY, GOD)
What of online relationships?: nope (MM)
Have you ever been married?:Thrice (NO)
Have you ever been in love?: I think so (YES)
Have you had sex in the past and regretted it?: no i loved every minute of my not having sex (YES)
Have you fallen in love in the past and regretted it?: Yes (YES)`
How old were you when you got your first kiss?: 15? yes? (14)
How old were you when you had sex for the first time?: no (15)
Have you ever broken someone's heart?: possibly (NO, NEVER)
Have you ever sexually harassed someone?: i think so (UHHH> DO I GO OUT TO PIZZA SOMETIMES?)
Have you ever been sexually harassed yourself?: yup yup ?(WT?)
Have you ever been jealous of a friend for their boy/girlfriend?: psh, ...yah (STOP)
Have you ever been jealous of your boy/girlfriend's "close" friend(s)?: ...sure... (uGH)
Have you ever been jealous of your boy/girlfriend's ex-?: ...ok... (YES!)
Have you ever gotten back together with an ex-?: yah (ALL THE TIME)
Have you ever gotten together with a friend's ex-?: yes (YEP)
Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?:no (YEP)
What's the most affection you deem appropriate for public?: no nudity (ALL)
Have/would you ever see(n) an "X"-rated movie?: nope well possibly kinda (YAHP)
Do you enjoy French-kissing?: no comment but yes... (YAHOO)
Do you keep a picture of your beloved somewhere?: yes FAKCEHOOK!)
Would you (honestly) sacrifice your life for your beloved?: depends (ALWAYS)
Have/would you ever use whipped cream, hot wax, et cetera, in a sexual act?: LMAO no.(LIES)
Do cherries or strawberries have any sexual meaning for you?: strawberries... i like to make out with them (COOL!)
Have you ever been dumped?: yes (YES)
Have you ever had your heart broken?: I dunno .
Are you (honestly) afraid of commitment?: no (TERRIFIED)
Are you attracted to people with accents?: NO (DUH)
Have you ever had sexual relations in public?: no (WHY THE HELL WAS I TAKING THIS SURVEY)
Do you have a memento from a previous relationship?: yah (ALL OF EM)
Is there a certain smell, sight, sound, or taste that reminds you of a lover?: (COCONUT OIL)
-First grade teacher's name: Mr fanning
-Last word you said: Im thiiiick (im sick)
-Last song you sang: that song off of oh brother where art thou... he baptizin one (PONCE PILATO)
-What's in your CD player: disk 1-3... Pink Floyd Paul oakenfold vivaldi (FEIST, TIMOTHY BLACKMAN. FUYOKOS FABLES)
-What color socks are you wearing: white (GAVE UP ON SOCKS)
-What's under your bed: a heater and a mattress thing (NO BED)
-What time did you wake up today: 6:45 (11:30)
-Where do you want to go: washington (BRAZIL!)
-What is your career going to be: musical entomologist (CLOSE I GUESS? MUSIC? SHIT)
-Where are you going to live: (FOCO)
-How many kids do you want: a couple... like 2 I think (STILL 2)
-What kind of car will you have: lamborghuini learn to spell (TRUCK AND A SCOOTER)
-Current mood: eh (ECSTATIC )
-Current music: classical (ROCK AND ROOLLLLLL!)
-Current taste: cough syrrup (WHISKEY)
-Current smell: none... im sick (I CANT REALLY SMELL ANYMORE:( )
-Current longing: jessica (WEIRD, BUT PROBABLY SWIMMING)
-Current desktop picture: green stuff (CHARLIE CHAPLIN AND DOG)
-Current favorite artist: salvador Dali (I HATE VISUAL ART)
-Current book:Johnny got his gun (NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON, BLACK HOLES!)
-Current color of toenails: heterosexual (PLAIN)
-Current worry: jessica wont be at school tomorrow (THATS CUTE, HOW I WILL GET TO WORK TOMORROW)
-Current crush: jess>? (TALL BARBACK AT VENUE)
-Current time-wasting wish: betterness. (TIME CAPSULES)
-Current hate:flowers (CHILL GIRLS)
Forrest thought of it its my last name (STILL TRUE)
2. Itallian (SUSHI)
3. Lemonade (TOM KHA)
4. Fresh pineapple (GINGER ALE)
5. cereal (HOLE IN ONES)
George Harrison ringo Starrrrrrrrrr, and john lennon and paul macartney (DUMB)
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not us.   
04:36pm 08/02/2008
  read this and weep sony records!
heh heh heh.
also i dont know.
Danger Sugar Dust Explosion

i just learned how to do it.
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Here I sit...My life's a model kit...   
02:25am 24/01/2008
  but I burned the instructions and the pieces don't fit.
and also...the impossibles.

I've been working shifts at the cat but now alas i am no longer.
I will be going to see built to spill hopefully,
also-the meat puppets. unfortunately, not the impossibles.

I really want to see the impossibles and Pavement and the Meters and Like A Stuntman and mingus and louis prima.
well anyway if anyone wants to come to the show winderous igloos and 10-4 and lixy and rad-vibes...
who keeps making fliers?
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Nothing ever happens.   
11:45am 27/12/2007
  Except this...
Oh excitement.
we are renting that place. we are also looking perhaps for two more people who are looking for a place.
It'll be emily and patrick and Myself!
It will be hours of fun and excitement. we realised its not as much about us. we are so ready and down for the community. AHHAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! there is enough space for everything. shows...arts and craft nights... recording... gallery..circus. Everything. people will hate it cause its 3 miles away but people will love it because it's 3 miles out and it will be KICKASS. hopefully noone will love it and I can love it all to myself.

im selfish.

well thats the only recent news. oh yah and christmas. Spent christmas around. I saw the play White christmas and wished we did it in high school. Then I got to thinking about everyone in high school. then I got to thinking about summers little weddign tonight. then I got to thinking about shooting up morphine through my eyeballs. I will be housesitting from this day forth up on west mountain. I will be doing that until the 6th. hopefully we get to move in by the new years. i bet the guy is taking longer because he is renting the place out for new years and then we have to wait. jerk.

oh and also...
juno was frigging incredible.
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Sky Harbor Kill Me Please. Thanks.   
06:37am 11/12/2007
  So I am in Phoenix Sky Harbor and was yet to be informed that this airport makes me want to shoot myself in the foot so I can plea handicapped and they can just push me to where I need to go. I'm sure they could airlift me to the terminal much faster than it took to backflip and circle our way to get here. Jerry will be our boarding agent today. Cool huh!
This is probably the first "all nighter" I pulled in a while. Although decked out in suit and tie and accordion on back and concert ready, I still look like the most supreme being of Interzone (burroughs?) Well I'll be home in like two and half hours. I will sleep and play my accordion and clean the place up nice and probably be down around the alley cat this evening. Does anybody know what Freddie Mercury is living for.
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09:56am 22/11/2007
  So in recent news. Sam shut down the media lab which means no music fun recording opportunities or anything. anything. he is so lame and i hate him. he is just a cruel boring old man who will die in paia and overlook nice things and people will always want to spit in his coffee.

In less recent news...Emily and I are coming back. Early december. Two Weeks actually...little more. Well I'm ready and will have to find a job and maybe a place and maybe a something because I will come to fort collins indefinitely. Perhaps I will go to Kentucky or Tennessee or Louisiana or Alabama or Missisippi. just for a visit. and then perhaps I will ride a bike. but mainly I need to lay down all these songs I've been working on for eternity.

oh yah. today is thanksgiving. we are going over to sarahs house and Phillip is coming and it will be nice.
I need to sell my surfboard and my piano. If you know anyone who needs one or wants one I'm getting desperate.

I just was listening to Puerto Muerto which I like very much. Also Thee, Stranded Horse. check em out.

I will go back and play on my new accordion waiting at home and will also start that business up ive been thinking about. Who knows people in spain?

I just posted to keep up with it.

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if you are a friend.   
09:25pm 11/11/2007
  If you are a friend on my email and you got a stupid email from me im so sorry. I hate that crap where it just sends stuff because I'm internet ignorant. This guy in this coffee house does stone temple pilots covers. thats cool.
and now we shall sing a calypso.

the stone temple pilots are elegant bachelors
are they foxy to you you know they're foxy to me...
or something.

with that said.
We are coming home now at some point and I might be looking for a place to live somewhere but not necessarily in fort collins maybe perhaps seattle portland boston new orleans chicago halifax(not really) san francisco or any other cliche city because it is a city and seems cooler than somewhere else. I want to record the songs i've written and send them to random band via email because they will be game with letting me tour with them. I just need a drummer and a bass player. I might just stick in foco with a stupid job until I can get one cd of things I like done. this means i will have to decide what words i sang for some songs and create more parts and learn to practice and then play more for money in boulder.

I just saw a circus because the circu needed an accordion and so the circus (cirque eloize) was cool and also used my accordion and the accordionist spun in a circle with a thing and they are no matter what cooler than anything else I will try to do. My friend cecile got shot at by redneck locals and thats another reason I hate living here is because there are so many of them with jacked up trucks and guns and stupid tattoos. (im talking only about the ones with those characteristics not all locals)

I need a vacation. a month or so I'll be home.
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Box this one up and ship it out.   
12:04pm 30/10/2007
  maybe one-fifty thousand years ago
we wandered around and across the globe
there might be skepticism about those figures
but lets use them, for the sake of this poem.

Due to aching hearts, and starving guts
we prodded at beasts with our spears.
then we'd move somewhere else and we'd do it again
we continued this for thousands of years

sometime, perhaps, ten thousand years back
some folks sick of the travel temptation
had settle down nicely, and put up a fence
and thus started civilization

but it didn't stop there, for inside their walls
ownership tightened up nice and compact
they had houses and huts gardens and yards
and with this there stood a universal fact

"here lies my space, my world and my stuff
and nobody should take this away
and everything within these boundaries are mine
and this stands to this very day"

But I've jumped the gun, for more cities arised
and more borders were staked and spaces were claimed
this led to wars, over resources and land
but also some peace, as societies were tamed.

In the 1840s, in New York City of course
people migrated in, 200,000 a day
and they left their sad homes, and came to this land
(a yearn to escape the inevitable way)

and in this same time, apartments arrived
out of necessity, city and mind
and so people packed in to these boxes concrete
and here now they lived their sweet lives.

and then in the nineties(as we call them today)
we began to live lives out of cubes
PCs or Macs, our lives so in tact
we sit and we work and we do what we do

but now as you see from from the freest of free
we've condensed like mass produced soup in a can
our triangle rooftops and circular yurts
have squared out like our lives and our minds and our land

Well I'm still compelled to say what I've told
as i type it all up in a box that i bought
so i can easily socialize and organize all
and my thoughts of escape are lost and forgot.
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lonesome george.   
06:16pm 21/10/2007
  Well here am I and emily and patrick have both left me. right in the nick of time because now (count it) I have friends (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 counting people- counting people)


emily is gone in santa cruz area and she just received my accordion that i just got from san francisco and she is mailing it home to (not me) it is a sweet accordion and apparently bigger than a miada. she is hard to get a hold of though as of last because she is so busy working with this person. it is going allright and the bridges of madison county is sort of sad.
patrick left, photos will commence. we hung out with amanda and ben and sarah more than once and they rock my socks off. they are cool and funny and musicians and old and exciting. we played a show with patrick and friend kylie at a glass blowing party and now i am expected of and in. patrick and i met new couchsurfers and had pizza with them and then patrick had a crush on a girl and then he left.

well anyhow now i am here with nobody except new friends but only kind of because not now silly and I am writing more songs and will learn about language more and will jump off more waterfalls. patrick will post pictures on facebook.
just wait ok.
Well with that said bye.
now i can get back to doing normal things like nothing.
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08:05am 14/10/2007
  And I come and drink iced green tea with mint and sit on my computer/face for a bit of time. but it's really nice here. Emily goes to work. Emily is going to San francisco in a couple of days and I might get this accordion
I cant do the thing where it looks nice still.
Patrick is out here until sunday and tonight we may go to little beach and hang out where apparently everyone beats on drums and spins fire naked. crazy hippies! Yesterday patrick and i huing out at the beach and body surfed. emily went to work. patrick and i went home and hung up a hugeass ropeswing out of our coconut tree which is a bad idea for so many reasons. (falling coconuts kill more people annually than sharks) (also thats an island myth) (but its true) (maybe) (...)
I played a concert last weekend and so a video will be up soon and more people wcame than ozma. which is selective stats and doesn't mean anything. and sondre lerche.
Today we are going to the waterfalls to jump off some waterfalls and going to twin falls to oldest memory.
I had a good time a couple nights ago with emilys two friends and patrick and emily. i have good times. man writing is taxing
Writing sucks in comparison to going to the beach. Don't expect much friend-o-s.
p.s. where have all my livejournal friends gone. i see jimineverdies and ideaofthememory and queenmummycat and schwa242 and mezdeathhead and theupwardbird and the_other_emily (lately) (I hope all that ljuser cut stuff pays off.)
thats about it.
get on the ball all other friends.
especially YOU osprey !(you know who you are) as does everyone else.
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Finish Typing this.   
12:17pm 02/10/2007
  Well all is fluctuating so rapidly but hawaii is excellent and I haven't written in a long time. I just bought a hell of a lotof cds from amazon which i rarely do (buy cds) but they were mostly jazz cds that i want to have and i just got the cd 12 crass songs which is incredible and I really want to get a hold of some nouvelle vague cds? anyone? and also I really want a sandwich from provo utah. My hope is if summer cant help me...my pending friend quinston can... I am getting more and more antsy to leave...not to actually depart but i have been making all these plans in my head that are hard to accomplish here. I have my first gig in which people pay to see me among others on friday. I'm going to cover idylls of the king by the mountain goats and instead of marimbas I'm going to use rum bottles that I have tuned to my accordion. in your face russia.
hopefully it goes alright wish me luck.
I just finished cats cradle and a bunch of other books but this one stuck out thus starting my dive into vonnegut which I may or may not have spelled correctly. I have been writing a bit more songs so by the time I leave this place (looking like mid december) I will have a nice accordion repertoire under my belt, an excellent display of knowledge about hawaii and fruits and stuff and six years knocked off my life. Emily is going to san fran in late october for a couple weeks after patrick gets here. I will be left alone for a bit and I'm not sure what will happen in my solitude. There have been boars tearing up our yard but im too scared of them to make them to stop. well less mowing I guess.
this was too long.
woohoo new music.
woohoo new books
woohoo new ideas
woohoo old computer that works now (as you can see)
woohoo old relationship that works excellently (emily)
blast off
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01:36pm 18/09/2007
  I hate apple.
screw iphone and imac and screw ibook and ipod.
Im at the apple store.
and using their compe
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the lali drama   
04:57pm 04/09/2007

i don't get it...maybe try it.
I am still here and alie and I am using nahikas computer. Nahika is hawaiian for girl who works at the better coffee shop and is cool enough to let me use her computer while mine is broken. I wil fix it on my own. Im out of fortcolins but my ears are still in the hilarious odrama bin laden.
anyway My toe hurts I was sick and surfed once but wil more when my toe is better so I dont get staff. I worked a bunch and want to mork more. I'll wait. Emilys friends come out in a couple days and we'll have fun.
my computer is broken at the peak of me writing three or four new songs and not having anywhere to record them. I forgot them. and now... i have nothing. some guy who plays violin and myself might play a gig maybe... I should email him. I'll do hat now. screw all of you.
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I'm a bon-a-fied writer.   
03:01pm 18/08/2007
  On that note...
or as the Italians say....nota...
I am living more comfortably then I was a couple days ago; lounging myself upon the classic dillemma (too many coconuts for one to eat by themself or with 38 friends (even more classic dillemma is that of finding 38 friends)) now I have my accordion hauled next to me in town so tonight i may play at the open mic night at this crazy place i discovered tonight.
let me tell you this place is secret crazy...
and then
when I went inside the place peeking around the corners like an agent of sorts...
by that I mean they weren't high and they were carrying musical instruments.
I then proceeded to start awkward conversation forcing them to inform me of their evil plans of having people perform in front of other people with instruments or words. I acted somewhat interested, almost as if I will doubtfully show up at their lame (not so lame hopefully) open mic night.
tonight when I actually DO show up they will be so impressed by me having an accordion i might be able to start a real life novelty friendship. they will think I am cool because i have an accordion and I will think they are cool because they are not hippies. its just completely pre-judging...which is OK.
because now in two months when we are hanging out and realise we may or may not have anything in common it will be completely unreasonable to disregard our relationship because who the hell wants to go searching for new friends on an ISLAND. nobody.

Phase 1 of "Make Novelty Friends" is complete.

also. patrick will come out to hawaii now because he gets his bday off so I (as a birthday present) am giving him hawaii for free. if anyone else has a birthday and wants hawaii too bad because there is only one. I am not going to xerox a freaking island for you needy folks out there.

disclosure:I am not transporting him to the island I am only giving it to him but he is in charge of
transportation and pick up.

if anyone else wants free hawaii, ask patrick, he aint too selfish yo.

also i have to pretend to be busy for 2 more hours until they kick me out of this coffeehouse.

no fashionable luck.   
10:21am 10/08/2007
  So now i am here and Jakob the hippie was kicked off the land for "stealing" fruit and now it's just emily myself and her father and hopefully perhaps another person will move in soonish?... My job is enjoyable but i work with Jacob and he's whiney all the time and is always talking about "positive energy" and "the source" and its all so hypocritical because he brings it all upon himself. there are just so many freaking hippies here or stoners or surfers and its hard to find anyone fairly genuine who isn't in a tight knit clique requiring them to be a certain way. Sure I am not too good at out and making friends. but ooooheee this should be a but easier. i made a friends post on craigslist. it was like "need friends, reply here...." not really. but i did make a post about music which is just a desperate call for more social etc. I still keep in touch with some back homers if they are online when I am. craigslist is a good friend now but not much luck with much stuff. i might get a piano and a surfboard I am just waiting patiently (kind of)
this coffee shop is better but farther away.
the classic dillemma.
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10:54am 04/08/2007
  I'm doing well and have been falling off many a waterfall and spent money on a car (50$) and now have a car which I haven't used as much as I've gotten rides/hitchhiked. I swam in the ocean once is all because I'm lazy and it's like a twenty minute walk away to a rocky beach. the sandy beach is about half an hours drive away. I got a job and am in the midst of deciding whether or not I should get more hours. it pays too well and I'm making enough working one day a week and the other days I am working on the property cutting down bananas and coconuts and working on the land. We have been remodeling part of the house to get ready for people to move in. We just got some rabbits someone gave us which are a lot like furry garbage disposals. I scoped the land out for a good treehouse tree and didnt have much luck. there is one tree that is a possibility...I'm still thinking on it. Today I will go venture to the neighbours yard and ask him about his run down greenhouse cause I wanna plant some peppers and tomatoes and ginger (to learn to make ginger ale) last night i learned the beauty of deep frying anything I furacking please. Deep fried bananas are the bomb diggity (especially with maple syrup).
The Iced chai at this coffee shop is too expensive for half ice half tea part soy. they just kicked this old guy out behind me who was eating off someone elses plate. which seemed reasonable....but then she went off like a lame ass about how it was the most disgusting thing ever to like five people and I wanted to steam her face off.
you can't just steam people faces off in hawaii. they don't like that. the locals can be grumpy toward us hippies (diclosure: I am not a hippie) but as soon as I get my fake tan and dyed black hair I'll be sailing smooth.
"yah brah!" "surfs up" "hang loose" "aloha" "aloha" and "I fucking hate howlies"
I've been practicing.
05:56pm 28/07/2007
  Well for anyone who still read this...
I'm alive and well and in Maui and on the north eastish edge off the Hana Highway with no address living in a tent bigger than my dorm room and eating fresh fruit off of trees with the girl of my dreams and working already and sleeping much and jumping off of many beautiful waterfalls.
the work has been good, I go with Jake, the other guy who lives here on this land, and I mow and rake for the richest estate on maui owned by non-other than LH Baron Dorcy, owner of Great Northern Railroad. It's a pretty cool setup with 5-8 hours of work and I get paid 100 buckaroos each time and only one day a week.
On a lighter note theres more land to be explored and more PLaces to jump off of and more fruit to try and more jobs to get.
I'll let you know when something SUPER eventful happens. aside from that it's just relaxing here.
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aloha means goodbye, but also hello, it depends on the inflect...   
08:43pm 18/07/2007
  put a bark in the dog and you've got a guardian-
when the capital's s, and it's followed by a t
and it's probably me
and the tones are grouped in clusters...

iam leaving on monday.
my biodad helped me get a companion pass and also bought it so I am getting out there cheap as free. thanks Bio-dad
yes thats right. I have come to call him my bio-dad and will continue to do so until I grow up. never.
also. I am packed and hella excitedoverwhelmedstressed. hella. hello.
umm also.
I have been scrabble playing like a mad man and theother day played in a grainer and now i am home and dead.
to maui!
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Attention Everyone in MVHS drama 2004   
11:50am 04/07/2007
  I need to get a hold of Bye Bye birdie. the play. that we did. any of the nights. for a friend. If anyone has it or knows somone who recorded or has a copy or anything please help me out! pout!
Well all in all. that's all. Emily is back and I've been hanging out and working. we met up with miles yesterday. I missed him. well.
Happy fourth all.
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this is pooposterous!   
08:25am 26/06/2007
  Dear summer...
'you've been good so far. seriously. but one thing. what's with the excessive heat. I mean a little here and there is alright. but honestly. it's like oven central. so please cease. thanks -Stelth

on a lighter note ,work is going well, I wish I had a frocking mp3 player of sorts and ipods are generally lame. putlacks hasnt been working right and I just can't figure it out. plus my other two are broken. honest to god. F apple. I am pondering the meaning of it all and it all comes down to apple being a complete and utter picklehead.... yes... picklehead. My cuz has been in town. both cuz's I made one watch fight club. it felt nice. Next week are the barbershop competitions of the century. Next week is my biological fathers birthday party. next week is emily. emily is actually saturday. that's freaking soon. there are a couple things I'd like to do before I go. one. hot tub in a suit. that is all. howzabout gettin the f outa this town.!.!.!
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